Exploratory Movement Classes


Patrick Hogan, Restorative Exercise Specialist & Movnat Trainer


Amy Soucy, Yoga Instructor & Ballwork Therapist

Organic, detailed, and practical, GOOD MOVES classes help you discover power, grace, and sustainability in the way you move and live. These small group classes are offered in a 4-week series format to ensure progressive exposure to a large repertory of movements, and to cultivate an embodied understanding of fundamental movement and alignment principles. With consistent practice, you can improve your awareness, posture, balance, and coordination, ultimately recovering your innate vitality and pleasure in movement! Classes start with gentle, small, slow movements in lying, sitting, or standing, and typically progress to varied, playful explorations of bearing weight on all the limbs and getting up and down off the floor.

From Patrick: Modern lifestyle and culture have reduced our neuromuscular patterns to a fraction of what they should be. As a result, we experience a decrease of the natural, reflex-driven processes that regenerate our bodies and maintain our health. Many common and painful ailments are a result of poor motor skills that can be helped by a practice of simple movements and body re-education. These classes teach you which movements you are missing in your lifestyle, and on which movements you may be currently overdosing.

Amy's Tuesday morning classes combine deep restoration through therapeutic ballwork (myofascial release on rubber balls) to ease chronic tension, and create pliability and awareness. They use playful and accessible functional movement principles to help you develop strength, ease, and efficiency; and gentle yoga sequences to coax the nervous system into a state of softness and balance. Every body and every ability is welcomed and supported. 





Email or to request a spot in their group. Class level is open and includes bearing weight on the hands and knees and getting up and down off the floor multiple times. Please inform your instructor(s) of any injuries or conditions in your email so they can determine whether the class is appropriate for you. Payment may be made via Venmo in advance, or in person via cash or check at your first class.



1 CLASS/WEEK: $100



Prorating allowed ($25/class) in advance only.


Mondays 6:45-8pm

Tuesdays 10:30-11:45am