Tai Chi and Healing Qi Gong

with Alicia Fox, Medical Qigong Therapist & Educator



Healing Qigong

Fridays 12:15pm-1:30pm - thru 10/25 only

$25/class; Drop-In's welcome

Questions? Email FoxQigong@gmail.com


Class Description:

The ancient Taoist practice of Qi Gong originated around the time of the last ice age and has passed down from the ancient shaman to modern day humans over the millennia. Many of these practices were originally part of Nei Dan, or Inner Alchemy. They combine breath work, posture, hand gestures (mudras) and sound. Qi gong also uses the energy pathways (meridians) and points known to us from acupuncture. We will continue in this series to study the healing walk protocol of Master Guo Lin; as well as other healing postures and movements to help penetrate and release blockages and begin the possibility of cultivating Qi.

Private sessions are available upon request.

Tai chi/Qigong

8-week series: Friday September 6-October 25

Fridays 10:30am-11:45am, $200


Class Description:

Tai chi is traditionally taught directly from teacher to student. This class will follow this model in that each student will receive an individualized training in the tai chi form. As the class develops students will practice the form together with the teacher as a guide. The class is intended for beginners as well as others who have some experience with tai chi. We will study tai chi walks to study: weight, balance, and flow as well as the qi absorption postures. We will begin the class with a short sitting practice followed by qigong, then study of the tai chi form.

A commitment of 8 weeks is required for this class. No drops-ins. If you miss your scheduled weekly class, you may take a make-up class on the day you do not usually attend (for example Wed. class participants may take a Fri. class and vice versa).

About Alicia:

Alicia Fox has studied qigong, taiji (Classical Yang style long form), tai yin Jade Maiden qigong, double dragon sword form and Tai chi sword with Sat Chuen Hon for over a decade. Mr. Hon is a Taoist, Classical Chinese Medicine practitioner, qigong master and author of Taoist Qi Gong for Health and Vitality (Shambhala Publications). Mr. Hon has asked Ms. Fox to carry on this Taoist healing tradition to help benefit others. She has assisted Mr. Hon at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada; the Taoist Conference at Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China; and at his Dan Tao Center in NYC. She is a certified Medical Qigong Therapist and Educator.
Ms. Fox received her MFA in painting from Yale University in 1997. Her studio practice, writing as well as her study of dance and movement have been woven together over many years into a rich exploration and inner cultivation. She is a published poet and edited Sat Hon’s writings on Qigong and Taoist stories for publication.