Integrative Aligned Movement

classes with Patrick Hogan,

Restorative Exercise Specialist & L2 Movnat Trainer

Mondays 6:45-8pm

Wednesdays 11am-12:30pm

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Class description:

Integrative Aligned Movement is a whole body movement education to restore the freedom of our body to move naturally. The modern lifestyle has reduced our neuro-muscular patterns to a fraction of what they should be. Many common and painful ailments are a result of poor motor skills that can be corrected by the practice of simple movements and body re-education.

These classes are based on Restorative Exercise® and the premise that by optimally aligning the parts of our body and relearning natural reflex driven patterns of movement, we will regain the ability to move with more integrity and freedom and experience less injury and pain. We will explore the objective alignment markers of the body and learn how to restore our body’s alignment with corrective exercises. With an eye toward making adjustments to our habits and lifestyle,  we will also develop efficiency and skill in the natural movements (walking, running, crawling, climbing, lifting, etc.) for which our bodies were designed.


All bodies and levels of movement experience are welcome and I encourage using this as an opportunity to explore your body’s potential with curiosity and play.

Private Sessions in Thai Massage and MovNat training are available upon request.

About Patrick:

Patrick Hogan is a movement teacher who specializes in Restorative Exercise and Natural Movement. His Restorative Exercise certification (RES® from Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement Institute) provides an expertise in restoring the body’s optimal alignment so as to alleviate many common ailments of modern living and to regain the freedom of natural movement. His Natural Movement training (MovNat level 2) provides the platform to teach the fundamental movement skills that are our birthright as human beings. Patrick also holds certifications in Yoga (RYT-500 and ERYT-200), Thai Massage, and Advanced Kinesiology. Each of these has helped him become attuned to the body’s capability for free, playful, and healthy movement. 


Patrick brings a playful approach to his classes so that they can act as a forum for movement exploration. He believes that through play and curiosity we can achieve our deepest learning and better our relationship between ourselves and the world.


He teaches around New York City in private, corporate and class settings. Past workshops have included Natural Movement Fundamentals, Yoga for Movement Disorders, Psoas Release Techniques, Restore your Feet, and combined Yoga and Natural Movement retreats in Nicaragua. 


Patrick grew up in the Northwest exploring the outdoors through hiking, skiing, and rock climbing. Nowadays, he can often be found climbing trees and running barefoot through the parks.